Spain - Granada and Seville

Carrera del Darro Archeological Museum Looking Up Stairs to Albaicin Sacromonte Caves Albaicin
White Houses Darro Valley Albaicin Generalife Hedges Generalife Flowers Generalife Gardens
Generalife Fountain Generalife Flowers Granada from Above Column Pool Ornate Ceiling
Decorations Tiles 'Reflecting' Pool Geometry Window p1010251
Palm Trees Generalife Reflecting Pool Gazebo Gate View of Granada
Fortress Red Wall Inside the Fortress High Towers Alhambra Walls Alhambra Park
Lower Tower Bastion Cannon Gate Cathedral Tower Arabic Cathedral
Cathedral Facade Skyward Stained Glass Cathedral Interior Organ Grotesque
Cathedral of Seville Plaza de Espaņa Alacazar de Sevilla Alcazar Courtyard Tapestry Covered Pool

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