Articles by David Welton

A small (but growing) collection of my writings about software and computers. If that sounds dreadfully boring to you, you can read about living in Padova, Italy here. I also update an online journal about "computer stuff" on a regular basis:

The Hecl Programming Language The design and implementation of Hecl.

eCos (in Italian). An article about the eCos operating system, and a sample application, "Scivoli".

Downwardly Scalable Programming Languages. An article extolling the virtues of systems that are small, simple, easy and yet extensible enough to be used for large problems, as well as small ones.

Testing Apache Rivet with Tcl. About the design and implementation of a test harness for Apache Rivet utilizing Tcl.

The Economics of Programming Languages. An article covering some of the non-technical reasons for the popularity, or lack thereof, of programming languages, as well as their uptake in the corporate world.

On-the-fly Customized Executables with Rivet and Metakit. This article talks about a system used to create customized, per customer single-file executables on the fly.

Web Hosting - A Market for Lemons. A discussion of problems in the web hosting market associated with the difficulty of knowing in advance the quality of service that you can expect.

Windows for Linux Users is an article extracted from the wiki of the same name, created several years ago to share my experiences working as a "stranger in a strange land", on a platform that, given my near exclusive use of Linux, is not an easy place for me to get serious work done. Hopefully the hints, tips and tricks will be useful to others in a similar situation.

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